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For the 48 hours prior to your tattoo, you should avoid drinking alcoholic beverages and, where possible, taking medication such as aspirin that can thin your blood-this can make you bleed a little more during the actual process and cause your tattoo to come out a little on the fuzzy-looking side.

Patients on prescription medications should check with their doctor regarding interactions, especially those on heart meds or blood thinners. Some medications and herbs can increase swelling and bleeding. Never discontinue a medication your doctor has recommended for you without consulting him or her.

Within three hours of the procedure, you should eat something, usually because it will strengthen your blood sugar level. In fact, you should also prepare a small bag including a snack and a sweet soft drink to consume during the procedure in order to support your blood sugar level.     

Before appointment

- Do not wear contact lens during the procedure or for 24 hrs after. 
- Do not dye or perm lashes for 2 days prior. 
- Do not dye, perm or use eyelash curler the day of the procedure. 

- Do not tweeze, or dye eyebrows for 2 days prior. 
- Electrolysis should not be done for a week prior.

- Waxing treatments should be performed no less than 3 days prior to your enhancement.

- IPL laser hair removal should be performed no less than 2 weeks prior to your enhancement.

- Electrolysis treatments should be performed no less than 5 days prior to your enhancement.

- Eyebrow tinting should not be undertaken for 2 weeks after your enhancement.

- Botox injections treatments should be performed no less than 3-4 weeks prior to your enhancement.

- If you get cold sores you will need an antiviral prescription. Doctor usually instructs to begin taking it 3 days before procedure, for a 7-10 day  after

- Lips Filler treatments should be performed no less than 6 months prior to your tattoo appointment.


Do not be nervous about being nervous, especially if you are going for your very first tattoo. Experienced and competent tattoo artists know exactly how to put a customer at ease, and you should not hesitate to speak up if you do feel nervous. Even before you arrive at the clinic, you can do a series of breathing exercises that will help calm you for the procedure, and you can also do these exercises during the procedure.

Finally, you should not be hesitant to invite a friend to accompany you. During the procedure itself, it will help relax you and make the tattoo artist’s job easier.


We strongly advise before any procedure to do the patch test and left for 10-14 days to see if no sign of any allergy reaction from pigments.


When scheduling an appointment date for a permanent makeup procedure, keep in mind the healing time of the procedure. You will need a few days afterward without social plans or strenuous activity. You will not look your best (swelling, oozing, & looks like wet paint) so plan activities around the house. Plan a shopping trip ahead of time for items you will need ointments, straws, napkins for blotting, Q-tips, OTC pain reliever, prescriptions, a good book or movies. Get ahead on your dirty work - no lawn mowing or chores that will get dirt/ bacteria on the healing area. Do not have a procedure right before going on vacation because

1) you need healing time – you will not look like you had a makeover at the mall,

2) you may not be able to avoid sun, wind, or other items listed in post-care instructions.

- How quickly returns to work depends on which permanent makeup procedure she had performed, and what type of occupation she has (greets the public, or works more privately in office). Eyes and brows are a breeze. Clients have eyes and brows done on Friday or Saturday and return to work Monday. Lips are a bigger ordeal. Clients usually have lips done on Thursday or Friday and return to work on Monday or Tuesday.

Permanent makeup will appear extremely intense and thick immediately after the procedure. The color will not even look right the first few days. Other factors are added to the permanent makeup pigment bottles to counteract the undertones of facial skin. Browns can look orangish-brown, blonde brows may look too yellow, lip colors are shocking! Some colors initially look too bright and others look too dark. But don't worry - it changes. Excess pigment sheds off over the next 2-3 days, and then the skin starts healing over. A layer of healed skin on top of the pigment masks and tones it down considerably. As the swelling goes down the lines will be thinner. On about the fourth day you are close to looking normal and no one notices anything. Colors will continue to soften over the next few weeks. It will look very natural in 1-2 months. You see another difference around the 7-9 months time

OUTER HEALING completes in about 3-6 days for eyes, 7-10days for lips/eyebrows.INNER HEALING completes on 1-2 months.

General Service Policy:

Please remember you cannot have a permanent make-up procedure if you are:
- Under 18 years of age
- Pregnant/breastfeeding
- Haemophiliac
- Hepatitis C positive
- 5 weeks pre/post radiotherapy/chemotherapy treatment
- Using Antabuse/rooaccutane, warfarin or similar medication.

- Not suitable for those on Roaccutane for the last 6 months 
- Under the influence of drugs and alcohol
- Epileptic and have had a seizure within the last 2 years

- Not suitable if dermatitis or infection is in the area to be treated 
- Not suitable if keloid scars exist 

- Those with sensitive skin may wish to consider their suitability before purchase (patch test recommend)
- Must sign consent form prior to treatment
- Not suitable for those with open cuts or contagious skin complaint

- Not suitable for those with diabetes or those who have difficulty with wound healing

Additionally: The following medical conditions require Doctor special consideration before permanent makeup procedures 

* If you suffer from cold sores and have visible evidence of cold sores/blisters or skin disorders on the area to be treated you will need to rearrange your procedure for another time, when visible symptoms have subsided and you should use an anti-viral drug 3-5 days prior to any lip work and five days afterwards as well.

* Glaucoma. Increased intraocular pressure combined with pressure placed on the eye to apply eyeliner could be damaging. 
* Bleeding disorders. Blood disorders that affect clotting such as hemophilia, sickle cell anemia, platelet disorders. 
* Mitral Valve Prolapse, Artificial Heart Valves, Artificial Joints. Any condition that requires prophylactic antibiotics before dental or other procedures will need to take them before micro pigmentation also. 

* Heart conditions, Uncontrolled High Blood Pressure, Poor general health. 
* Any treatment, medication, or illness that compromises the immune system/healing would make you NOT a good candidate for micro-pigmentation procedures.

* Keloid, Hypertrophic scarring, meds / treatmentsEpilepsy, Diabetes, Haemophilia or heart disease all require a Doctors clearance.

* Use of certain Medications. Accutane / Retin-A, topical steroids can make skin fragile.  Physician strength meds/treatments that affect the dermal layer of the skin can affect the permanent make-up. OTC meds/treatments that only affect the epidermis and are not much concern. Anticoagulants (blood thinners), long-term use of aspirin, ibuprofen, and some herbs reduce clotting time resulting in increased bleeding and bruising.




Cold packs have not shown to make a noticeable difference in reducing permanent makeup swelling, but they feel good on the skin and are a comfort measure. Cooling a skin wound is beneficial; freezing it is not. Inappropriate/overuse use of ice packs on the fragile facial skin may cause cryotherapy complications. The freezing can cause ice crystals to form in the skin cells and damage them. Additional swelling can rush in after removal of the ice pack as skin warms. In short, your efforts to reduce swelling with repeat freeze-warm cycles can have the opposite effect and increase swelling. Cool, the skin a few times after permanent makeup procedure with the cold pack for 5-10 min. every couple of hours the first day. Don’t over do it. Swelling usually will subside in 24 to 48 hours.

FOLLOW this INSTRUCTION FOR AT LEAST 7 DAYS:                         

- Wash your hands before touching any treated area. Keep the area clean and moist with healing ointment at all times while outer healing occurs (3-5 days eyes, 7-10 days lips/eyebrow). Apply a very thin layer of protection ointment, more is not better.   

- Absolutely no soap, cleansing cream, makeup or chemicals may apply to the pigment, treated area during healing time.                                                          

- Ice pack protected with a cloth may apply as necessary to reduce swelling. Sleeping slightly elevated help alleviate swelling sometimes seen the morning after procedures.                                                                                              

 - Avoid strenuous activity for 2 days. Increased blood pressure and dilated blood vessels increase swelling and oozing. Also, sweat running into a wound stings.            

- No Scrubbing. Do not rub, wipe, or scratch area. Use patting motions only.      

- Do not expose to sun or tanning bed while outer healing progresses. Use of sunblock after healing is completed will help prevent premature fading. Use a good sunscreen daily even lips require protection. Important use a waterproof sun block on the area to help protect color.                                                      

- For 2 weeks: No not steamy shower, sauna, excessive sweating, Jacuzzis or swimming in chlorinated pools. These things can hinder the color bonding process.    

- Do not smash your face in a pillow while sleeping, especially the first couple of days. The skin is drilled full of holes and can tear or kink. The compressed tissue does not get the adequate flow of blood and oxygen. The dependent side swells more, can ooze more, and have more color loss.

Do not peel, or pick at the crust, this could cause pigment loss, scarring, and delayed healing.                                  

- Avoid environments that would cause dirt or germs to contact area while healing.

- Your favorite pain reliever may be used to reduce swelling and discomfort.

- Final healed result is at about 1-2 months. If a touch up is needed, it is not done any sooner than 1-2 months after the first procedure. Performing a touch up too early could cause scarring. Some colors (especially eyebrow colour) take that long or longer to see how they are going to settle in and look.The touch-up period is within 1 year. Eyebrows may need additional fill-in strokes. Lips may need 2-3 touch-up.Eyeliner should not need a touch-up.

 - Many anti-aging products and services containing acids, lighteners, and exfoliates cause premature fading of pigment. Avoid pigmented area. Stay about 1/4 inch away from permanent makeup.                                                        

- No Retin-A, bleaching, glycolic acid, fruit acid or AHA acid on the treated area. NOTE: After your procedure and after you totally healed, DO NOT apply the RETIN-A or fruit acids directly on the pigmented area.                                   

- Do not use laser hair removal or foto-facial too close to pigmented area to avoid an accidental hit. Most laser operators know how to protect a permanent makeup tattoo from the light by placing a tongue blade perpendicular/ 90° right angle against the edge of the brow or lip.                                                          

- If you are planning a chemical peel, MRI, or other medical procedure, please inform before the procedure.                                                                                            

- After procedure keeps affected area moist and clean. For lips avoid spicy or hot food. If using anti-viral medication, continue as prescribed                            

- Notify permanent makeup artist or doctor at first sign of allergic reaction or infection. If you suspect a problem is developing, the first thing to do is switch the type of ointment you are using. The ointment is often causing the problem

- No makeup is to be applied for 72 hours after the procedure. 


- Do not wear contact lenses during the procedure or for 24 hours
- Have sunglasses available. Eyes may be light sensitive or even dilated immediately after. The sunglasses are also handy for hiding puffy eyes.
- Do not dye, perm, or use an eyelash curler for 2 weeks
- After any eyeliner procedure, use a new tube of mascara.
- Do not use mascara until outer healing is complete (3-5 days). Most clients are returning to work in 2 days and are noncompliant about this, so at least begin with a new tube of mascara due to a risk of bacterial presence in used tubes. Stay a little farther out on the lashes, not too close to the liner. Remove with vaseline or baby oil without rubbing it into the liner.
- Eyes will be swollen for a few days. Eyes may feel dry or irritated. Eye drops may be used.


- Do not dye, wax, tweeze, or use electrolysis for 2 weeks in the cosmetic tattoo area. You can tweeze outside / around the permanent makeup.
- It can take a little time for the eyebrow tattoo to soften up, and to see how the color is going to do. After the skin is healed over you can put brow powder on it to mask it while waiting. Many women buy eyeshadow to use as brow powder because there are more tones available. Just make sure it is matte and doesn’t have sparkles in it.


- Lips will be tender at first. Drink through a straw. Choose foods you can place in your mouth with a fork without touching lips.Avoid spicy and hot food.
- If using anti-viral medication, continue as prescribe.
- Try to keep toothpaste off lips while healing.
- Do not have teeth bleached while healing.
- During the peeling process, t may look like there is not much color there. The color is more apparent by the second week. The final result is not judged for 1-2 months.
- It is normal to have discomfort or a feeling of pressure the day of the lip procedure. The next day should be minimal. If you begin having pain on the 3rd or 4th day after being pain-free, it is a signal that something is wrong. It is usually one of three things: 1) Infection, 2) Cold sore, or 3) Allergic contact dermatitis from the antibiotic ointment. Switch ointments to rule out that as the cause, and consider a culture to determine bacterial vs yeast infection. Contact doctor.

Skin / Wound Infections - could result from contracted elsewhere during the healing period. Sometimes this is the result of client failure to protect the tattooed area from unclean environment, touching area with fingers or bacteria in facial products used at home.  Bacteria live harmlessly on the skin and in the nose and mouth, but when it gets into the body through a cut, puncture, or medical incision it can cause an infection. Lips are triple risk for infection because of 1) mouth germs, 2) skin germs, 3) nose and throat germs breathing down on the lips. Some doctors prefer to give the client antibiotics for a few days as a preventative measure with lip procedures, others don't because many women easily get a Candida Albicans/yeast imbalance. If you have a couple days of pain-free normal healing after a lip procedure, then on the third or fourth day burning pain begins, you may have an infection and need oral antibiotics. There are some similarities and differences to look for to determine the difference between the bacterial and fungal infection on the lips in the early stages. A culture can be taken but is not always conclusive because Candida is sneaky and test results often return false negatives. Any symptoms of skin infection contact Doctor.

People with very little or no natural hair on their eyebrows or eyelids

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Permanent makeup is a cosmetic technique which employs tattoos (permanent pigmentation of the dermis) as a means of producing designs that resemble makeup.


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Cold packs have not shown to make a noticeable difference in reducing permanent makeup swelling, but they feel good on the skin and are a comfort measure.

The BRO-VO eyebrows are mix of two technique Hair stroke and light powder finish technique.

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Eyebrows frame your face and open up your eyes. Perfectly shaped eyebrows provide symmetry to the face.

A detailed consultation is given before the procedure to discuss your desired look. This includes colour, design, and skin tone

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